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Where To Buy Thieves Cleaner

Already know you want to get the best household cleaner?? You can get Thieves Concentrate for $25 wholesale, (24% off!!) Just spend 100 pv on anything you want! One bottle will make 30 of our 16 oz everyday solution, for every surface. Order HERE! PS- I send you the label for free too and a gift!

where to buy thieves cleaner

You can buy Thieves at retail from Young Living. But the better value is to grab a thieves starter kit so you get wholesale! Easy as that! And just by getting your starter kit I will send you monthly Newsletters with ways to use Thieves and oils to make your house smell good without using candles, for wellness, cleaning, beauty, and so much more! Order HERE. And keep reading for all my cleaning hacks!!!

**Diluting is NOT required! We have found that diluting the Laundry Soap helps us use the right amount of product. This is a super concentrated cleaner and a little goes a long way! Diluting is NOT required!

Thanks for your response! How long do you let the Thieves cleaner sit on the counter tops before wiping them? Do you wipe with a dry or wet microfiber cloth? Are you doing anything different with your cleaning during this time of COVID 19?

This DIY thieves spray contains rosemary, clove, cinnamon, lemon, and eucalyptus essential oils. You can learn a little bit about the benefits of each oil below.

If you happen to have eucalyptus castile soap on hand you could possibly use that without too much scent interference since thieves essential oil also contains eucalyptus essential oil.

Hi, how would you use this in a laundry detergent (with castile soap, lemon EO and epsom salt)? The recommendation is to use 1-2 caps of the concentrated YL thieves cleaner in a 16z laundry detergent, so not sure how much to use with this unconcentrated one?

Did you know that many (most) household cleaners on the market contain toxic ingredients? I wasn't aware of just how toxic the ingredients were until I started researching clean products a few years ago. What I found was disheartening.

This is why I started using Thieves cleaner - which is made of plant-based and naturally derived ingredients that clean without using toxic ingredients. Shop: Thieves Cleaner supplies. Check out this post: getting started with essential oils.

Now onto why I choose to clean my home with Thieves cleaner. It's made with thieves essential oil, which is a blend of clove, cinnamon bark, rosemary, lemon, and eucalyptus, all of which are some of the best oils for cleaning. Thieves is: