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How to Create Realistic Water Effects with Adobe After Effects Trapcode Psunami 1.4 FULL


How to Create Realistic Water Effects with Adobe After Effects Trapcode Psunami 1.4 FULL

If you are looking for a way to create stunning water effects for your video projects, you might want to check out Adobe After Effects Trapcode Psunami 1.4 FULL. This plugin allows you to generate realistic 3D water surfaces with waves, ripples, reflections, refractions, and more. You can also customize the water color, depth, wind, sun, sky, fog, and other parameters to suit your needs.

Adobe After Effects Trapcode Psunami 1.4 FULL

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In this article, we will show you how to use Adobe After Effects Trapcode Psunami 1.4 FULL to create a realistic ocean scene with a boat and a lighthouse. You will learn how to:

  • Import and animate your footage and 3D models

  • Apply and adjust the Psunami effect

  • Add lighting and shadows

  • Composite and color correct your final render

Let's get started!

Step 1: Import and Animate Your Footage and 3D Models

The first step is to import your footage and 3D models into After Effects. For this tutorial, we will use a stock video of a boat on the sea and a 3D model of a lighthouse from TurboSquid. You can download them from here[^2^] and here[^3^] respectively.

Create a new composition with the same dimensions and frame rate as your footage. Drag your footage to the timeline and trim it to the desired length. Then, create a new solid layer and name it "Psunami". This will be the layer where we will apply the Psunami effect.

Next, import your 3D model of the lighthouse into After Effects using File > Import > File. Choose the CINEMA 4D file format and click OK. A new composition will be created with your 3D model inside. You can adjust the position, rotation, and scale of your model using the CINEMA 4D renderer settings in the Effect Controls panel.

Once you are happy with your 3D model, drag it to your main composition and place it above the Psunami layer. You can also animate your model using keyframes or expressions if you want.

Step 2: Apply and Adjust the Psunami Effect

Now that you have your footage and 3D model ready, it's time to apply the Psunami effect to create the water surface. Select the Psunami layer and go to Effect > Red Giant > Trapcode > Psunami[^1^]. You will see a flat blue plane covering your footage.

To make it look more like water, you need to adjust some parameters in the Effect Controls panel. Here are some suggested settings:

  • Under Water Surface, set Wave Height to 10, Wave Speed to 0.5, Wave Peaking to 0.5, Wave Size to 1000, Wave Direction to -90, Wave Choppiness to 0.5, Wave Complexity to 10.

  • Under Water Color & Depth, set Water Color to #0066CC, Water Transparency to 50%, Water Reflectivity to 50%, Water Refractivity to 100%, Water IOR (Index of Refraction) to 1.33.

  • Under Wind & Sky, set Wind Speed to 10, Wind Direction to -90, Sky Color to #99CCFF, Horizon Position to -0.5.

  • Under Sun & Fog, set Sun Position X to -0.5, Sun Position Y to -0.5, Sun Color to #FFFF99, Sun Size to 0.1, Sun Brightness to 100%, Fog Color to #99CCFF, Fog Start Distance to 5000, Fog End Distance to 10000.

You can also experiment with different settings to achieve different results.

Step 3: Add Lighting and Shadows

To make your scene more realistic, you need to add some lighting and shadows that match the sun position and direction in your Psunami effect. To do this, e0e6b7cb5c

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