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Spss 64 Bit Free Download For Windows |BEST|

How to Download and Install SPSS 64 Bit for Windows

SPSS is a powerful statistical software that can help you analyze data, perform hypothesis testing, and create predictive models. SPSS is widely used by researchers, students, and businesses across various fields and industries. If you want to use SPSS on your Windows computer, you need to download and install the right version for your system. In this article, we will show you how to download and install SPSS 64 bit for Windows in a few easy steps.

Step 1: Check your system requirements

Before you download and install SPSS 64 bit for Windows, you need to make sure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements for running the software. Here are the system requirements for SPSS 64 bit for Windows:

spss 64 bit free download for windows

  • Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, or Windows 7 (Service Pack 1 or later)

  • Processor: Intel or AMD x86 processor running at 1 GHz or higher

  • Memory: 4 GB of RAM or more

  • Hard disk space: 2 GB of free disk space for installation

  • Display: 1024 x 768 screen resolution or higher

  • Internet connection: Required for product activation and updates

If your computer does not meet these requirements, you may need to upgrade your hardware or use a different version of SPSS.

Step 2: Download SPSS 64 bit for Windows from IBM website

To download SPSS 64 bit for Windows, you need to sign in to the IBM Passport Advantage Online (PAO) website. You must be an authorized user from your company to sign in. If you are not an authorized user, follow the instructions under the âRequest Access to PAOâ section on the website.

After signing in and accepting the terms and conditions, navigate to the Software Download & Media Access tab. Select the products using one of the following options:

  • Search by text string of the product names shown below (e.g. "SPSS")

  • Search by part number if you know the eAssembly Part Number (from your order the eAssembly part number typically start with the letter 'C')

  • Browse entitled products by categories: All products - will show a list of all your entitlements My Preferred Products - will show products you previously selected as your preferred products Products by Brand - select "Analytics - Platforms" for SPSS products

The required and optional parts for each product will be listed. Use the plus sign icon to expand the files in the download of your choice, or you can download each licensed eAssembly. Each eAssembly contains all of the required and optional downloads needed for a particular product and platform combination.

For Windows, there are 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the product eImage. You only need the one that is appropriate for your computer. The latest version of SPSS is SPSS Statistics 29, but you can also download older versions such as SPSS Statistics 26 or SPSS Statistics 25. The complete list of eAssemblies and associated eImages is provided on the IBM website.

Step 3: Install SPSS 64 bit for Windows on your computer

After downloading SPSS 64 bit for Windows, you need to install it on your computer. Follow these steps to install SPSS 64 bit for Windows:

  • Download all of the parts that you need, both required and optional.

  • Unpack each of the parts into a single temporary directory on your system.

  • Follow the installation instructions provided in the download to install the product.

  • If the product you downloaded requires an authorization or license code/key, log into the License Key Center to generate them. The License Key Center username/password is not the same as your Passport Advantage credentials. If you have forgotten your password or need to request access, follow the appropriate links on the License Key Center sign in page.

Any customer with an active support contract can seek activation assistance by logging a support request online at or by phone via links available at 06063cd7f5

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