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Scented Candle (10 Oz/ 295 ml)

Scented Candle (10 Oz/ 295 ml)

Aromatic candle with different essential oils for your choice. 

It is a product made with natural soy wax and pure essential oils (Zero chemicals harmful to health) Use it to aromatize the different spaces in your home. During a meeting or dinner, during your moments of meditation and relationship or while reading one of your favorite books. 


Lavender: The aroma of lavender offers an experience of comfort and relaxation.

Mint: The aroma of mint helps to calm and relax the mind when it tends to overthink things or situations, giving greater clarity of thought. It brings a feeling of being awake and energized.

Lemon: The aroma of lemon essential oil helps you fill you with energy and feel rested.

Rosemary: The aroma of rosemary helps to have clearer and more accurate thinking, improving memory and being alert and awake.

Sandalwood: The scent of sandalwood is especially good for communications. Its aroma produces eroticism, encourages virtuous relationships, promotes optimism, trade and also drives away selfishness, lies, envy and cruelty. Help a trabajo with the past, facilitating its healing and liberation

Palo Santo: Known as "Spiritual Wood" Its sweet and strong aroma is easily recognizable. It used for many years for spiritual and healing purposes. It has a healing and calming effect. The Palo Santo was used by the Inca Shamans in their religious and spiritual rituals, who considered it a perfect tool to attract good luck, ward off negativity and achieve better spiritual communication with their gods.

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    If the product is available, the store delivery is 48 hours after purchase.

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