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Selenite (2 Pieces)

Selenite (2 Pieces)

Selenite (2 pieces)


Its formation occurs through the evaporation of seawater and can be in seas or lakes. Its energy is able to cleanse and fight against negativity. This is a very sensitive crystal and therefore cannot be cut.


Selenite has gigantic properties on an emotional, spiritual and physical level, it can give us mental clarity, it brings us inner peace and the necessary calm for our body and mind.


This stone protects the home and everyone who lives in it, forming a protective bubble around the house, providing a safe and calm environment, developing good judgment and understanding.


On an energetic level, they heal cracks in the aura or soul. This stone has the ability to delicately open the chakras, being considered a key to the soul, thus being able to relax the body to carry out energetic cleanings or meditations.

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