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White Sage Smudge

White Sage Smudge

The incense consists of burning some plants to energetically clean the spaces where you live, in order to get rid of negative energy and bad vibrations, in order to allow the passage and attract good and positive energy to our environment. The aroma is unique and relaxing.

You just need to burn the herb in a clay pot, an abalone shell, or some other container that works for this purpose.

It is said that many years ago North American Indians burned white sage.  Doing so combines the use of the four elements. The earth represented by the grass, the fire used naturally to burn the grass, the air symbolized by the smoke produced by burning the sage, and the water represented by the shell that they used as a container to burn the grass, it was then when doing so was formed. the fifth element, the spirit. They claimed that this purified the body, the mind, the environment and in turn helped to have a closer connection with the spiritual plane.

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