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Aromatic Mist (50ml/ 2 Oz)

Aromatic Mist (50ml/ 2 Oz)

Use these practical aromatic mist that you can take with you wherever you go, clear your mind and energize yourself with them according to what you need.

It is proven that the aroma to which we are exposed can influence our mood, and what better way to feel serene and happy with the help of your mist.


Lavender: The aroma of lavender offers an experience of comfort and relaxation.

Mint: The aroma of mint helps to calm and relax the mind when it tends to overthink things or situations, giving greater clarity of thought. It brings a feeling of being awake and energized.

Lemon: The aroma of lemon essential oil helps you fill you with energy and feel rested.

Rosemary: The aroma of rosemary helps to have clearer and more accurate thinking, improving memory and being alert and awake.


You can use them to aromatize your room, your car, your office, your car, on your pillow, you can even spray them on your hair and their beautiful aroma will accompany you.

Shake your mist before each application.


Amber glass bottle, reusable.

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    If the product is available, the store delivery is 48 hours after purchase.

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