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Pink Clay Mask

Pink Clay Mask

Among the most important benefits of pink clay are:

-Keeps skin clean and healthy.
-Absorbs toxins and impurities.
-Restores the skin and generates collagen naturally.
-Clears the face and removes acne and age spots.

-It is antioxidant, purifying, anti-inflammatory and regenerating for the skin.


In a clean glass container  add 2 tablespoons of pink clay and a little water until you get a smooth paste. Apply the preparation evenly all over the face without covering the eye contour; leave to act for approximately 20 minutes, and remove with plenty of clean water.

Sella de nuevo  tu sobre con arcilla rosa  y guardalo en un lugar limpio, seco y fresco.


One of the wonderful properties of pink clay is its lightening effect; makes it a widely used ingredient in facial and body treatments.


By using the pink clay mask 2 times a week you will notice that the spots fade until they disappear. On the other hand, your skin will look more toned and wrinkles will no longer be so visible.


Pink clay produces collagen and elastin, essential elements for healthy skin and very effective in preventing sagging skin and the appearance of blemishes.


1 Envelope with Clay

Content 25 grams

100% Natural 


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