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Red Clay Mask

Red Clay Mask

Red Clay Mask.


The results of applying red clay to the skin are greater softness and firmness, in addition to its progressive rejuvenation, as this reduces wrinkles, spots and other signs that appear over time.


The Red Clay Mask has an important astringent, draining and even antiseptic action.


Red clay is ideal for the most sensitive skin.

In cosmetics, it is used especially to apply to those skins that are usually more sensitive in order to better repair them. We must emphasize that dry and atopic skins are part of these much more sensitive skins.


In more mature skin, red clay can offer greater luminosity in our faces, so the skin is more alive with a better tone and makes it more revitalized. 


Its reddish color is due to its content of iron and copper oxides, which gives it an astringent action on the skin, and great absorbency. As a natural medicine, it acts by regenerating the skin, stimulates healing and helps soften marks and scars, being also suitable for combination skin and acne.


1 Envelope with Clay

For 2 facial applications

Content 25 grams

100% Natural 


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