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Black Clay Mask

Black Clay Mask

The Black Clay mask is excellent for skin health, even considered the noblest of all clays, with incredible repair power, it is a natural product, which has free electrons and generates a healing effect.

Black clay is mainly used for feminine beauty, although it is also interesting for the treatment of diseases. In general, it has a large amount of silicon and aluminum, being extremely rejuvenating, it is one of the many skin treatments, called skincare, that help leave the tissue with a purer and more preserved appearance. In addition, black clay is a natural element, which brings even more benefits to women who use it.

  • Helps improve blood circulation;
  • It is ideal for controlling oily skin;
  • Helps lighten blemishes;
  • Black clay is used to combat sagging skin and reduce fine lines;
  • Helps reduce symptoms of sinusitis and rhinitis;
  • It is a detoxifying product that removes harmful substances from the skin.

La arcilla negra cierra los poros, aporta luminosidad a la piel y elimina las células muertas._cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

In order for the clay to retain all its therapeutic properties, it is advisable to use wooden, porcelain, ceramic and glass containers and utensils. Not metallic or plastic. 


1 Envelope with Clay

For 2 facial applications

Content 25 grams

100% Natural 


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