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Handcrafted Oatmeal Soap

Handcrafted Oatmeal Soap

Handcrafted Oatmeal soap is a natural product with a rich creamy texture that helps us moisturize the skin thanks to its soft formula.

It is made with natural ingredients, Vitamin E, and Oat Oil, does not contain artificial colors, alcohol, preservatives or artificial perfumes.

Given that some soaps have irritating or aggressive components for the dermis,Many people are looking for these types of alternatives.

The handmade Oatmeal Soap helps tomoisturize and revitalize the skin,especially when it tends to be sensitive and dry. Nor alters the activity ofsebaceous glandsand therefore does not cause excess production of fat or dryness.

Some of the main properties of oats are:

It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

It helps reduce the symptoms of diseases such as itching and atopic dermatitis.

Provides benefits against skin rashes such as acne.

Helps fight viral infections.

Provides a protective effect against ultraviolet rays.

Size: 7 X 5.5 x 3 cm approx

Weight: 90-100 grams

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