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Incense (Stick)

Incense (Stick)

Handcrafted Copal Incense Stick (12 Pieces)


The name of the tree in Nahuatl iscopaquáhuitland its ash is known ascopalli, is also known as incense of the Earth.

Copal is an excellent relaxant, it helps relieve headaches, regulates blood pressure and calms the nerves.

Its smoke helps us purify the energy field, attract abundance and helps us have a very pleasant meditation.


Tip for use:

You will notice that your incense stick will smoke filling your spaces with its pleasant aroma, this incense has a wide range so when you have decided that you have had enough of its aroma, just tap the incense stick so that it falls the tip that is on so you will turn it off. It is recommended that you only light your incense stick for a few minutes as this will be enough to aromatize the environment. At any other time you can turn it on again and continue enjoying its pleasant aroma.

  • Delivery time

    If the product is available, the store delivery is 48 hours after purchase.

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