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Diffuser/ Vaporizer/ Humidifier

Diffuser/ Vaporizer/ Humidifier

Modern vaporizer / diffuser / portable humidifier in style Bamboo finish.

It is perfect for use at home, office, bedroom, bathroom, etc.

 Sprays up to 130 ml of water, have asmall and modern design and easy to carry.
Silent operation
You can use it to purify your spaces with your favorite pure essential oils (only
use 100% natural oils, in small quantities and use after a use with oils only with water, this to clean and prevent it from plug the filter)

You can also use it as a vaporizer at home and open the pores of your skin, this as a previous step to the application of your facial creams or serums to have a better absorption of your products.
This humidifier has with internal led light that turns on randomly. Your food is
via USB cable already included, its active time is 4 hours after this it has an auto off sensor.

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