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White Quartz

White Quartz

White quartz is considered one of the most powerful stones among the quartz family, its properties and benefits are innumerable. White quartz helps to ward off negative energies or vibes, bringing serenity to your thoughts and your surroundings. It has the ability to attract positive energy, increase cognitive ability and reduce stress.


Recommendations to clean your quartz, choose the one that is best for your taste:

- Cover your quartz with natural sea salt or from the Himalayas, overnight.

- Completely immerse the stone de cristal in a glass container with water and a spoonful of dissolved sea salt. It is recommended to keep the quartz submerged for a minimum of 3 hours.

-Pasa the quartz crystal through the smoke of the incense of your choice.


Quartz size can vary between 3 cm to 5 cm

  • Delivery time

    If the product is available, the store delivery is 48 hours after purchase.

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