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Turquoise Bottle Necklace

Turquoise Bottle Necklace

Turquoise Bottle Necklace


Turquoise is an energetic stone used in the treatment of health problems to protect the physical and immune system. This is because turquoise helps to properly assimilate all nutrients and helps us fight viral infections. In fact, it is also used to treat gout, excess acidity and stomach problems. For all these reasons, it is considered that turquoise is a stone with healing properties such as anti-inflammatory or detoxifying.

In addition to all this, la turquesa is also applied in the treatment of psychological problems as an alternative therapy. Pues se estima que es perfecta para calmar la mente y sobre todo para liberar el alma de la persona en sus more difficult moments.


The turquesa has great purifying benefits, which help us to eliminate negative energies of our life only to surround ourselves with the positive, to surround ourselves with only the positive . In fact, some experts believe that turquoise can be used to treat depression and relieve the blockage that arises in these cases.


Material of bottle for essential oil or perfume: Natural Turquoise

Bottle size: 20x36x15mm

Chain Material: Aluminum Alloy

Chain Size: 60cm

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