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Tiger Eye Bottle Necklace

Tiger Eye Bottle Necklace

Tiger Eye Bottle Necklace


The Tiger Eye stone brings mental balance, gives you inner peace, if you are going through conflicts or problems, this gem will help you keep calm.


It helps us to eliminate the fears and indecisions that sometimes sabotage our success, or do not allow us to get ahead. Fear paralyzes all action of progress, and the bad thing is not feeling it but not being able to overcome it, quartz tiger eye will help you overcome your fears in any area of your life, whether they are work, love or business, while injecting you with positivism and the conviction that every problem can be overcome and every goal can be achieved.


Another of its properties is that it reduces the negative impact that the electromagnetic waves produced by the electronic devices with which we live every day can have on our body .


Bottle material for essential oil or perfume: Tiger Eye

Bottle size: 20x36x15mm

Chain Material: Aluminum Alloy

Chain Size: 45 cm

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