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Glass Water Bottle with Natural Quartz

Glass Water Bottle with Natural Quartz

Natural Quartz Glass Water Bottle. Enjoy the benefits of crystal healing with this quartz infused water bottle. Stay hydrated and observe the healing benefits of quartz. 

16.9 oz capacity. 

Charge your drinking water with positive energy through this useful and beautiful glass bottle with a stainless steel lid and base. 

They are the perfect size to carry with you at all times, at home, gym, office, on the go or in the car. 

Includes a black neoprene protective cover. 


Available at: 

Pink quartz:

Rose quartz purifies and opens

the heart at all levels: self-love, friendship,

romance, deep inner healing and feelings of



White Quartz: 

It is a stone of spiritual protection and purification. Cleanses and purifies negative energies and offers protection from lower vibrations. Each stone is unique in color and shape, just like us.


The Natural Quartz Water Glass Bottle curativos charges water holistically for increased energy and rejuvenation.

The height of the healing crystal column is about 8.5-9 cm. 

Made of natural crystals. Each pillar may vary slightly in color and size.

Promotes natural health, concentration, spiritual growth and makes a great gift.

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