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Artemy Drozdov

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Photofucket Registration Email And Key


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In June 1969, ZK-AOF was leased to Fiji Airways Ltd.who operated it as VQ-FBJ. In October 1971 the registration was changed to DQ-FBJ and the operator became Air Pacific Ltd.DQ-FBJ at Christchurch, probably taken on its return from Fiji

In later years this aircraft went to Indonesia as PK-NDG with Merpati Nusantara Air Lines and then to Dirgantara Air Service, Djakarta in September 1980 as PK-VTM. Subsequently it was operated by the Indonesian Air Force marked as AF-4775.Apparently several DC-3s in Indonesia bore the same registration to confuse the authorities, but the real one has been reported as a survivor.

NZ3554 was a C-47B-45-DK that was enrolled in RNZAF service in August 1945. Transferred to NAC, it obtained its civilian CofA on 5Apr1947 and was issued with the registration ZK-AOI on 20Jun1947.Initially serving with NAC in a passenger role as Papua, it was converted into a freighter configuration the following year.

Withdrawn from NAC use, ZK-AOJ was leased by NAC to Polynesian Airlines for several months from October 1967, but retained its NZ registration.Following its return in April 1968, it was sold to a Laotian operator and repainted at Christchurch in their colours.

ZK-AOZ had served with the RNZAF as a C-47B-30-DK NZ3537 from 4Apr1945.Transferred to NAC as a Pacific regional DC-3D, it adopted its civil registration on 28Apr1947 and carried the name Pakara.

After completion of its PAL services, 5W-FAA was sold via Australian Aircraft Sales to an Indonesian operator, Seulawah Air Service.The aircraft was to be delivered through Australia and left Auckland on 27Sep1965. By 2Oct1965 it had reached Darwin but remained there as payment from the end customer had not been received and the allotted registration PK-RDB was never taken up. Parked at Darwin for years, it suffered terminal damage from Cyclone Tracy that passed through the area on 24/25Dec1974.

Ownership was transferred to Fieldair Holdings (Central) Ltd. as from 18Nov1980. The final flight of this DC-3 took place on 3Jul1981 and the aircraft was WFU Milson @ 42764hrs. The registration was cancelled on 30Mar1984.

This decision was reversed a few months later and NZ3538 was flown to Melbourne to be converted there to serve in a dedicated freight role with NAC as Peho. The civilian certificate of airworthiness for this aircraft was issued on 24Sep1947 at which time it had flown 1300.30hrs and the registration ZK-AQP was issued on 14Oct1947.

ZK-AQP was withdrawn from NAC service on 4Sep1966, with the civilian registration cancelled on 26Sep66. It had clocked up almost 23250hrs by that time.The aircraft was then returned to military service, readopting the serial NZ3538 on the 15th October and was fitted out to carry paratroopers, serving with 42Sdn RNZAF from 20Feb1967.ZK-AQP as NZ3538 at Whenuapai 1Jul1967

Eventually ZK-AQP was allowed to depart, leaving NZ for Singapore on 17Dec1980. It adopted the registration D6-CAF for owners Island Associates Ltd., London before moving to Air Comores, Moroni on lease but soon appeared as '6846' of the South African Air Force. While in SAAF '6846' was converted to Pratt and Whitney turboprop power as a C-47TP . It was eventually sold to Dodson Aviation Inc., Ottawa, KS becoming N8241T on 11Dec1997 and departing for the USA on the 15th.Believed to be still airworthy in the USA. 350c69d7ab

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