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Peter Kolosimo Il Pianeta Sconosciuto Pdf 11

Peter Kolosimo Il Pianeta Sconosciuto Pdf 11

Peter Kolosimo (1922-1984) was an Italian journalist and writer who explored the mysteries of the past and the unknown in his books. He was one of the pioneers of the ancient astronaut theory, which suggests that extraterrestrial beings visited Earth in ancient times and influenced human civilization. He also wrote about other topics such as dreams, prophecies, parallel universes, and UFOs.

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One of his most famous books is Il Pianeta Sconosciuto (The Unknown Planet), published in 1994. In this book, he presents his hypothesis that Earth is not the original home of humanity, but rather a planet that was colonized by an advanced civilization from another world. He claims that this civilization left behind traces of its presence in various ancient monuments, myths, and legends. He also speculates that this civilization may still exist somewhere in the cosmos, and that it may contact us again in the future.

Il Pianeta Sconosciuto is a fascinating and controversial book that challenges the conventional views of history and science. It is based on extensive research and documentation, as well as personal experiences and intuitions. It is written in a captivating and engaging style, with many illustrations and references. It is a book that will appeal to anyone who is interested in the mysteries of the past and the unknown.

If you want to read Il Pianeta Sconosciuto by Peter Kolosimo, you can find it online in PDF format. You can download it for free from [Open Library], where you can also find other works by the same author. You can also buy a paperback edition from [Ugo Mursia Editore], or borrow it from a library near you. You can also learn more about Peter Kolosimo and his ideas from [his Open Library page].

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