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Some of my thoughts about relationships

Trust and respect are vital for a healthy relationship. Build trust by being reliable and consistent in your actions and promises. Respect each other's boundaries and individuality, and recognize the importance of personal space. Show appreciation and gratitude for each other’s contributions and qualities. Avoid behaviors that can harm trust, such as dishonesty or betrayal. Cultivating mutual respect and understanding will strengthen your bond and create a supportive and positive relationship environment. I can add from myself that watching porno videos can also bring something new to relationships

Арно Дориан
Арно Дориан
٠٦ يونيو

Building trust is essential, and it's something that develops over time through consistent actions. Showing appreciation for each other not only boosts morale but also reinforces positive behavior in the relationship. It's important to acknowledge each other's efforts and qualities regularly. This not only fosters a positive atmosphere but also helps in building a deeper connection.


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