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Artemy Drozdov
Artemy Drozdov

Neumann U87 Ai Serial Number

on a side note, the only other direct comparison i can make to the sound of a neumann u87 is the original outboard gear used by roy harper. before he found neumann, he used an old grundig reel to reel with a very nice high end condenser mic. i used to own that, and its excellent sounding in his early 70's material. the metal body of the neumann i brought is just a tad heavier in weight than that, and the build quality is much better.

Neumann U87 Ai Serial Number

i bought this from a "mistaken" ebay seller that honestly does not know anything about sound. i have a friend that runs a top of the line recording studio in our area. he was/is getting ready to record an album for a big budget promotion and a friend of his told him about this microphone. he checked it out in advance of the recording. he told him, "i dont even know where to start" in describing the sound of this neumann. he now owns one and has used it on his huge productions over the past few years.

the sound is truly outstanding. not any pre-wiring in the mic on this one. its clean, bright and vibrant with excellent off axis control. i would suggest this mic to anyone who really wants that great neumann sound that is typically associated with the 1970's and 80's if you can live with the more basic sound with less details. newer models of the neumann come with lots of digitals of the instruments so you can have all the details of any instrument you desire. it is also less expensive than the digital'ics they can have put on them. this mic is old school, simple and extremely reliable.

very close to my old mic from the 70's, which was a neumann u87. this mic sounds and sounds very much like the u87s i have just becuase it has the basic tone of the original design. but it has the battery power option on the shelf, so i only have to worry about cables when i go places. yet it's a good mike. the gain is a little big so i have to pull it back a little bit on my guitar. it's the first mic i've found where the effects are on the mics face rather than electronics. i have plenty of decent mics but this is my favorite and with this extra bit of isolation the sound becomes more natural and easier to play. it's a great part of neumann mics as far as i'm concerned.

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