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Where Can I Buy A Saint Christopher Necklace

To get the best fit, we recommend measuring your neck to where you want the necklace to fall. You can use a sewing tape measurer to achieve this. If you do not have one, you can use a common household item, such as headphones, charging wires, or a piece of string/yarn - then measuring that household item with a ruler.

where can i buy a saint christopher necklace

Shop our selection of St. Christopher necklaces, medals, pendants, charms, and medallions! St. Christopher is a popular saint, though little facts are known about him. It appears he may have been a 3rd century martyr. As the most popular tradition about his life involves aiding travelers across a dangerous river, he is the patron of drivers & travelers. Sportsmen also call on his intercession for safety as they maneuver through their sport. His feast day is July 25th.

This necklace is the perfect piece if you've been looking for a thicker, more statement pendant necklace. Gorgeous chunky rope chain, with a detailed and stunning saint Christopher pendant makes this perfect for layering or to wear alone. 041b061a72

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