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Subtitle Escape From The Planet Of The Apes

Humans are the antagonists in this film, except one. So, you are basically forced into rooting for the apes. That is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it is about as bad as rooting for an alien from outer space fighting a human (Superman and Lex Luthor). These particular humans are evil, but events later on show these are pretty much the only rotten humans.

subtitle Escape from the Planet of the Apes


"Rise of the Planet of the Apes" tends to fly under the radar these days, but the trilogy that followed never would have worked half as well if it weren't for the careful bricklaying on the part of director Rupert Wyatt, screenwriters Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver, and mo-cap performer Andy Serkis. In this prequel/remake, a virus is largely responsible for both the advanced evolution of apes and the resulting demise of humanity. Never before has the series been more grounded in emotion, though the trade-off came at the cost of the social messaging that had previously been an inextricable part of the franchise's identity. Nevertheless, "Rise" gets the fan-servicey references and homages out of the way relatively quickly to focus on making audiences truly invested in the plight of Serkis' Caesar (no relation to the character from the original movies), his cadre of ape companions, and their initial steps taken toward outright revolution.

Did I call "Dawn" Shakespearean before? In "War for the Planet of the Apes," Matt Reeves returns to take things in a truly biblical direction. Reminiscent of "Lawrence of Arabia" or Darren Aronofsky's "Noah" more than anything else, Caesar is as brutal and haunted as we've ever seen him before. Though we are still limited to following the specific group of apes from "Rise," "War" opens up the scope and scale of the post-apocalyptic world to give us a glimpse into how humanity at large has been faring. (Spoiler alert: not very well.) It's hard to watch this film and wrap one's mind around how such humble beginnings ended up with an epic final journey, complete with Caesar embracing his role as a Moses-like figure to his apes, but somehow Reeves pulled it off. We haven't heard much lately about the future of the franchise, but director Wes Ball is set to take over and it appears to be set after this most recent trilogy.

We do know where the escape hatch of the ship from the first film is. It lies somewhere on the bottom of Lake Powell, where it was blasted off the hull. You might recall star Charlton Heston crawling out of the thing in the film. Fans now fantasize about a scuba mission to find this artifact for their collection. Bear in mind, however, the crash scenes were filmed in waters about 300-feet deep.

Since Caesar suffered a leg injury while attempting to escape from Hunsiker, Will took him into the San Francisco Zoo where he was treated by veterinarian and primatologist, Caroline Aranha, who took an interest in Caesar after learning that Will had taught Caesar how to sign along with a handful of other things. Visiting their home, Caroline informed Will that Caesar should have "some open space" since he will not be young and small for long and will soon grow into "a large, powerful animal". Therefore, Will, Caroline and Charles introduced Caesar to the redwood forest at Muir Woods National Monument where he spent time in a more natural habitat, climbing the towering redwood trees. Five years later, Caesar, now an ambitious teenager, grew more curious about the world around him. After leaving the redwood forest with Will and Caroline, now in a relationship, Caesar saw a dog on a leash like his own and questioned his identity. Will took Caesar and Caroline to Gen-Sys and informs Caesar of his mother's death and explained the origins of the ALZ-112 that she genetically passed on to him, leaving him devastated over her death and causing him to start to resent humans.

That night, he escaped from the shelter, undetected, and returned to Will's house. He gazed at his sleeping human parents before he proceeded to steal two canisters of the ALZ-113, a more powerful yet gaseous version of the ALZ-112 that Will developed. Caesar exposed himself to the gas and gained more intelligence with his eyes changing more green as he realized this was needed to further the other ape's intelligence.

Caesar then returned to the shelter and punctured the canisters of the ALZ-113 and exposed it to the sleeping apes which further enhanced the intelligence and mental capabilities of himself and his fellow apes. The next morning, he examined each of them and saw they all had green eyes like him which was a sign of their evolution. He soon rallied them promising to lead them to freedom. Ready to put his plan in to action, Caesar refused to go back in his cage and was confronted by Dodge, who struck him several times with an electrical cattle prod, but just as Dodge attempted to strike Caesar again, he caught the prod before shocking everyone by speaking for the first time, shouting, "No!" He knocked Dodge out and left him in a cage before freeing the apes. Rodney, another caretaker at the shelter, was beaten up by the apes, but Caesar stopped them, as Rodney was kind to him so he locked him in a cage instead. However, Dodge reawakened, going to grab the hose, but Caesar pulled it away from him. An angry Dodge grabbed the prod instead and lunges at Caesar who electrocuted him by spraying him with water, unintentionally killing him.

Caesar was distraught at his accidental kill but brushed it off, as he knew there was no turning back. He freed Buck from his cage before leading his fellow apes to the outskirts of the city. He divided the apes into two groups, leading one group to Gen-Sys Laboratories while Buck would lead the other group to the San Francisco Zoo in order to free the remaining apes.

Caesar led hundreds of apes throughout the city, sending its population into a massive panic. The apes fought off the humans that tried to apprehend them before Caesar, Rocket, Maurice, Buck and many other apes commandeered a tram, heading straight for the Golden Gate Bridge in order to escape into the redwood forest of Muir Woods Park.

Caesar led his army across the bridge, terrifying the citizens as they made their way to the redwood forest. However, the police set up a blockade, forcing Caesar to halt his army's progression. Realizing the impending threat, Caesar split his forces into three groups: the first group led by Koba would climb the suspension cables, the second group led by Maurice climbed underneath the bridge while the third group (led by Caesar) charged straight ahead in order to overcome the blockade and ambush the police. Caesar then ordered for the gorillas to use a bus as a shield, protecting them from the police force's gunfire before Caesar, riding a police horse, ordered his army to attack from all sides, overwhelming the police who soon ran off. The apes cheered at their victory as Will called out to Caesar, surprising him.

Returning to the village, Caesar is at ease with the humans' presence in the forest unlike Koba who is angry that Caesar is choosing to help the humans rather than attack them. However, Caesar informs Koba that the apes and the humans have only one chance for peace, but Koba's hatred for humans only grows stronger, driving a wedge between the honorary brothers. As the humans proceed to repair the dam's generator, they bond with the apes. Mutual distrust of both sides gradually subsides. During their progression, the humans are suddenly trapped underground due to an explosion, but Caesar and his fellow apes rescue them after they had been informed of the humans' situation by Ellie, a nurse and Malcolm's wife, and Alexander, Malcolm's son. While the humans are being treated for their injuries, Malcolm thanks Caesar for the assistance, but before anything else can be said, Cornelius scurries out of Blue Eyes' arms to investigate the humans. However, the genocide between the apes and the humans returns when Carver, who holds a deep hatred for the apes, threatens Blue Eyes with a concealed shotgun, enraging his father who almost kills Carver. Caesar, in his betrayed fury, threatens the humans with the shotgun, but instead, tosses it into the lake. Departing with both of his sons, Caesar furiously orders the humans to leave at once. Back at the village, Caesar discovers, to his grief, that his wife is seriously ill. Weeping over his sick wife, Caesar receives a visit from Malcolm and Ellie who had followed him back to the village, begging for him to reconsider as they did not know about the shotgun. Caesar, however, hasn't forgotten the recent incident and is not at all pleased by their presence in his home, ignoring their pleas. Ellie then notices Cornelia and offers to treat her with antibiotics, but Caesar doesn't trust them anymore. Despite his distrust and his son's protests, Caesar allows Ellie to treat Cornelia, allowing the humans only one day to finish their work with the apes' help.

Meanwhile, Koba returns to the village after infiltrating the city along with his followers, Stone and Grey, and discovering an armory in secret. After learning from Blue Eyes that Caesar is still assisting the humans at the dam despite that they have threatened both of his sons. Koba confronts Caesar, accusing him of loving humans more than apes and more than his own sons. In response, an enraged Caesar severely beats Koba, but refrains from killing him, adhering to his philosophy that "ape not kill ape". Koba asks for forgiveness and Caesar hesitantly forgives him. However, the brutal fight has permanently broken their relationship beyond repair. While Caesar continues to assist the humans, Koba begins to secretly plan to overthrow him. The dam is eventually repaired with the combined efforts of the apes and the humans, restoring power to the city. Caesar invites the humans back to the village to celebrate. During the celebration, however, Grey, under Koba's orders, sets fire to the apes' home, then, unseen to anyone else but Caesar, Koba shoots Caesar in the shoulder with an assault rifle that he stole from the humans' armory, causing Caesar to fall from the settlement's main tree, much to the horror and grief of his people, especially Cornelia and Blue Eyes. In the panic of the loss of the alpha and the threat of the fire, Koba takes charge and, implicating Carver whom he secretly murdered in the shooting, urges his people to fight against the humans, promising to avenge the death of their beloved king. 041b061a72

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